DittoHouse Founder, Molly Fitzpatrick's Home Featured in Apartment Therapy


What happens when a mason and a textile designer renovate a house together? In the case of Molly Fitzpatrick, the creative behind the colorful home wares of DittoHouse, and her husband William Sill, the result is a modern space with an attention to detail and a respect of natural materials. What makes this house's renovation really stand out is the couple's collaboration on the space; and most impressively, William has done much of the work himself.

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David Trubridge's "Beauty Matters" at the ICFF Talks

David Trubridge will be presenting “Beauty Matters” at the ICFF Talks on May 23rd at 11am.  Trubridge will discuss how beauty and art have been so important to the human race since we first ventured out of Africa.  “Beauty Matters” will be held at the Talks stage (2971-also called the ICFF Theatre).  If you are thinking of attending, please RSVP: beautymattersICFF@wakanine.com