Hervé Tullet is an artist and performer, as well as a renowned children’s book author of more than 75 internationally acclaimed children books, whose large-scale interactive workshops, involving up to 1000 people, take place in various libraries, schools, art centers, and museums around the world.

A renowned artist of books, including Mix It Up, Let’s Play, and Press Here (over 2 million copies in print), Tullet is also celebrated for his large-scale art workshops for children and series of games by Phaidon. His latest book, I Have an Idea was published by Chronicle Books in 2018.

Tullet moved to New York City in October 2015. Since then, he has appeared at events, performances, and readings at such prestigious venues as the Guggenheim and MoMA. He is also pursing exhibitions of his personal work; recently exhibiting hundreds of pieces at This Isn’t Trash at Invisible Dog Art Center.

His latest and most ambitious project is The Ideal Exhibition, a worldwide collaborative project based on his art and philosophy http://theidealexhibition.com.  The Ideal Exhibition creates virtual workshops where participants can work “alongside” Hervé to create their own amazing artwork.