Lille Huset (Norwegian for "little house") are eco-friendly modular dollhouses created by Alyson Beaton.  Alyson is a mom, professor of design and a trained architect living in Austin.  

Alyson Beaton first created her eco-friendly paper houses for her daughter as a birthday present. The designs were such a hit that she soon found her Lille Huset houses being sold in stores near and far, including Nordstrom, Paper Source, J Crew, Heath Ceramics, and many independent retailers, too.  

Customers love Lille Huset's because they’re more hands-on than traditional dollhouses. Parents are also hungry for alternatives to screen time.  Alyson’s Lille Huset dollhouses have been featured in Dwell Magazine, and her home remodeling project was featured on Apartment Therapy and in the Chicago Tribune.  

All Lille Huset’s come with paper cutouts for personalizing. They are fully hands on — kids can color, draw, tape and otherwise decorate and add to their house as they want to. You can even combine houses for a bigger crazy house or take them apart for small simple houses.